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Why Raven Quest Is The Best Play-To-Earn NFT Game?

According to reports from dAppRadar (BGA), Play-to-Earn gaming generated $2.5 billion in capital revenue in the first quarter of 2022. The forecast is to grow to $10 billion by the time it reaches. Numerous companies and developers are now building their own games based on blockchain because of the explosive growth in the number of blockchain-based gaming investments.

However, the vast majority of Blockchain games that are currently out or in development are either insignificant auto-play simulators or have no real-world playability. Thus, it’s not a surprise that the gaming communities, token owners, and investors can disappear within months of the game launch, leaving the project in a state of dissolution and the investment worthless. This could result in slow acceptance of blockchain-based games. While integrating blockchain functions is essential, long-term adoption can only be achieved in the event that game developers and companies are more focused on developing an amazing game rather than integrating blockchain functionalities.

Raven Quest, a GameFi project, is focused on developing a blockchain-based MMORPG. It’s aimed to be a long-term success for gaming communities. Incentivizing its players using the play to Earn model.

What is Raven Quest?

Raven Quest, a play-to earn MMORPG that is based on the blockchain polygon, allows players to claim land and construct their homes and farms. It is the first blockchain-based game which is free to play, and offers a higher level of playability over other blockchain games that require players to buy NFT or other cryptocurrency in order to access or play the game.

Raven Quest allows players to collect NFTs that can be used to build powerful weapons, or traded through NFT marketplaces. Ravencards can also be collected by gamers to build NFT-gaming characters.

Raven Quest’s flexibility allows players to play as they wish in a truly vibrant and engaging environment. The game includes stories, puzzles and player decision-making. A robust player-driven economy is powered by selfbalancing algorithms.

Raven Quest’s Tokenomics

The tokenomics of any GameFi project is an essential element of its longevity, especially if it’s an MMORPG. Raven Quest has a single tokenomics and a community-driven system that uses its innovative self-balancing algorithm known as the Tradepack system.

$SBT Token:

Raven Quest offers incentives to its players through Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) crypto tokens. The in-game currency is gold coins that can be exchanged for Sunbreak Tokens ($SBT) on their marketplace.

The amount of money you can create every day in RavenQuest is determined by the activities that you and your community take part in with the world at large and the amount of passive income you are able to earn over the course of time.

There is no set exchange rate between Gold and $SBT because RavenQuest is conscious of the rate of inflation. Instead, $SBT is a daily set prize that is awarded to all players who have played the game and won gold.

The $SBT can also be exchanged for cash in the real world or utilized to increase Gold earnings by acquiring or upgrading Estates, Mounts, Ships & Wagons, Workers, Ravencards and other game items.

The Takeaway: Raven Quest Release Date

Raven Quest will be released in the third quarter or the fourth quarter in 2022. Raven Quest has been under development for five years and has a large online community.

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